Finally Migrated My Old Content and Comments!

March 18, 2011 at 2:18 pm (brothels, las vegas escorts)

Ever since I first started my original Las Vegas Courtesan blog here on in 2006, I was reluctant to migrate over the old content to the new site because of the fact that some people simply (still now) do not know that it ever was upgraded to its own server.  I decided to take the plunge finally and move the content, along with all of my comments that you guys have contributed back in the beginning.

That took three days!  Anyways, if you are here looking for things you might have said on my blog before it is now at the new location.  By the way, I am still not going to delete the old blog in case people come in on old links that were not updated or from searches and stuff like that.  It will not, however, be in use or updated in the future and comments here are turned off but you can participate all you want on the new site.  See ya on there!

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