A little synopsis of me

I am a local to Las Vegas and been here for a few years working in the unpredictable and mysterious world of the sex industry. You can call it what you want.. escorting, call girl, lady of the night, or prostitute… that’s my occupation and want to share my life and stories


  1. Skip Wiley said,

    Very interesting reading. Coming to Vegas in February. How do I get in touch with you?

  2. herve said,

    Good morning,

    I work as a journalist for french network through a private news agency in Paris, France. We are on our way to do a documentary about the sex industry in Vegas.
    I find very interesting what you have wrote into your website (quote : “Trouble in Sin city” and « Vegas : city made of money »). It will be essential for our documentary to have the opportunity to do an interview with you and to develop your point of view.
    I thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you at your early convenience.
    Very Best regards.

    Herve Bouchaud

  3. marty said,

    going to be n town in march could i get a number to reach you and a photo sent to my e mail?

  4. Rigel said,

    Same as Marty. I’ll be at a convention in March, and might be interested in hooking up with you.

  5. Navy Guy said,

    I will be in town Sunday Through Wednesday, staying at the Vegas Club. Can you email me a contact number. That sounded so formal, anyway, Hope to hear from you.

    Great blog by the way, you should think about a book.

  6. lasvegascourtesan said,

    There was no email and a book? I have no book plans but thanks you for complementing my site.

  7. d1egoz said,

    This is Diego Barbera from Jack magazine, italy.
    I read your blog and
    I contacted you because we need an article about Las Vegas,
    considered in its evolution in last years (the hi-tech e the traditions of an ancient city like Las Vegas). Our idea is to ask to a young, brilliant and smart man (woman) to be our guide in the city and its lifestyle and music.
    We usually let make our “travel” articles by people living there.
    The most important thing is what’s new there, but we still don’t know about what we should talk about Las Vegas. So we’d need any suggestion about it: what’s new, what’s cool to see, to do etc…
    Maybe something different from the usual tourist’s side.

    you can find an article written by Aleksey, a russian blogger, author of gotomoskva.com, the only site from moskowians to moskowians. It’s too long and it’s only an example. You don’t have absolutely to do the same: if you want, you can read it only to have an idea…

    usually our articles are long 7000 letters (blanks included).
    So, do you think to have time for writing? Our deadline is 2 weeks.
    payment is around 200 dollars.
    Are you interested?
    Or, if you can’t, do you know someone that you think can do it?
    In any case, it’s important if you suggest us what to write for: i mean, what’s really changed in Las Vegas in last years, and why it’s really “cool” for a young italian man to go there.
    if you have any question, please ask me.
    I wait your answer as soon as possible,
    thank you very much and greetings

    Please answer me as soon as possible, Ciao

  8. Melissa said,

    Funny how you run across things, I was in search of a blog site for escorts/providers and here I am lol. Well sweetie, I’m a provider who started out in Vegas then Cali and now the East coast. You seem like a cool girl, feel free to email me whenever, I’ll send you my site&reviews. Cuidate.

  9. LaJadedGeisha said,

    Hey, it’s comment #9, Melissa.

  10. lasvegascourtesan said,

    Would love to but I dont see a link! Thanks for the comments!

  11. bob said,

    I would love to hook up sometime
    will you email me ?

  12. James said,

    Will be coming into town on Sunday night, can you e-mail me a contact number or direct e-mail and a photo, love the blog keep it up!

  13. Andrew said,

    I’ll will be in town this weekend, are you available and do you have a photo?

  14. Lovinlea said,

    I have been in and out of this industry over the years , very quiet and discrete, Having my own horror stories. We all do. I appreciate the sites that openly discuss the sex trade. It Dates back to bible times, So it always surprises me that people are so shocked at its existence.And women still are marked with that scarlet letter.My own analogy, Married women, girlfriends, all do exactly what we do, the difference they add emotion ,and one person. All women whether consciously or not use their sexuality to get things they want and to keep him happy. its a survival mode ,to use it in industry instead of marriage.Kudos to all you tell all for shedding light on this, without making it look all glamorous.

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